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2017 Cargo Theft Trends in Canada

Many regions in Canada have experienced a surge in cargo theft for 2017. According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, there were calculated losses of $181 million in stolen cargo and equipment between 2014 and 2017. In the first quarter of 2017 alone, over $20 million in stolen cargo and equipment was reported; keeping in mind that there are many other thefts that go unreported so this total could actually be much higher.[1]

Top Target Products – Reported to IBC in 2017 (Q1 – Q3)

Without a doubt, every year food and beverage cargo has topped the list of most targeted amongst cargo thieves. Criminals have favored grocery products because it imposes low risk, is difficult to track, and can be resold easily.   

Also topping the list of most stolen in 2017 are construction materials. With Canada’s construction boom this past year, it comes as no surprise that more construction and building resources are being transported and attracting criminal activity.

Where is Cargo Theft Happening?

Traditionally many cargo thieves targeted truck yards and truck stops where they'd break into unattended trailers and make off with the goods. Today, more cargo criminals have advanced and are focusing on larger heists at shipping facilities and following trucks going long distances – sometimes even with multiple teams of drivers in a coordinated effect.Today, more cargo criminals are focusing on shipping facilities and following trucks going long distances – sometimes with multiple teams of drivers in a coordinated effect.

Cargo theft in Canada, particularly in provinces such as Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec, is a rising and major problem that should not be overlooked. Our HUB Transportation Team is here to help you keep your fleet protected.[2]

[1] Analysis Report: IBC National Cargo Theft Program Q3 – 2017. IBC, October 2017.

[2] 2017 Cargo theft trends in Canada: top targets and common approaches


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